Feelings of being left out.

5558766435_c780fd2fa4_zYou might be someone who is extremely popular and you get invited to all the parties and sleepovers or you could be someone who is not popular at all and you have to run your own parties just so you don’t feel absolutely left out.

You could be someone who feels like they have absolutely no friends and just try so hard to fit in.

Or you could be in the middle, not extremely popular, but not a super looser in the eyes of pops..

But for me, no matter how left out you may feel, there is always someone you can rely on, and that is JESUS! (my mum is totally second to that)    🙂

I don’t know if you are christian like me, or have any other religion or beliefs but feel free to email me if you need a friend, at

I just wanted to throw out some encouragement for you all because lately i have been sooo left out at times! Your not alone…

Love Sparkle.