Feelings of being left out.

5558766435_c780fd2fa4_zYou might be someone who is extremely popular and you get invited to all the parties and sleepovers or you could be someone who is not popular at all and you have to run your own parties just so you don’t feel absolutely left out.

You could be someone who feels like they have absolutely no friends and just try so hard to fit in.

Or you could be in the middle, not extremely popular, but not a super looser in the eyes of pops..

But for me, no matter how left out you may feel, there is always someone you can rely on, and that is JESUS! (my mum is totally second to that)    🙂

I don’t know if you are christian like me, or have any other religion or beliefs but feel free to email me if you need a friend, at

I just wanted to throw out some encouragement for you all because lately i have been sooo left out at times! Your not alone…

Love Sparkle.

A bit Piggish??


I would totally wear this!!


I love all things Disney and I absolutely Love piglet!!

How Cool Right??

What Disney character is your favorite?


Home Is Where??

I found this picture on Pinterest (i love Pinterest) and I found that this picture is kinda true for me…

e119cd839fa948828ef667eced460cadWas just thinking about it…


My Latest Super Dooper Projects…

Nah, they are not super dooper huge, but they are super dooper cute!

Here is a pic..

DIYI made the bangle by plaiting three strips of denim from an old pair of jeans, then I used a small strip of my Rainbow Duct Tape stick the ends to each other.

The mini jeans are cut out of denim and I drew on them with sharpies.

The rock I painted gesso in the shape of a heart then (when it dried) I drew with sharpies rainbow splotches.

How cute and easy are they???


I love doing little crafts like that, but i sometimes struggle with cleaning up!     *Sigh*

Here in Australia I am just starting school Holidays! Yay!!!      lots of time to do some Arty Crafties!


Cya L8r,

❤  Sparkle



Just a quick Hello…

Hey everyone!

Just saying a quick hello on the go..

Lately I have made a few little things that I will post pics of soon, like my denim bracelet, mini jeans on a pin, and cute lil rainbow heart rock…..

Stay tuned…


Duct Tape Creations

Just recently I got a roll of rainbow duct tape, and decided to see what I could make out of it.

Here are some of my creations;

Bow and Flower

{A flower and bow}


{my mini tophat}

More creations to come!!…

From Sparkle


Books, Books and more Books…

I Love Books.

Okay, mabye that was an understatement.

I am addicted to books!

Ever since  I was little I read books, usually long novels about medieval adventures or non-fiction books about craft and art…

In fact, I used to read books before school and not be ready in time because us was still in bed reading about Alana the lady  Knight or Ruby Redford.

So I have decided to record what books i read and maybe review one or two for my readers.. lol

I am going to make a challenge (for anyone who wants to join me) you have to create a page on your blog and update it whenever you read a book. (have a look at my Page if you are not sure what I mean )

If the book is part of a series, write the title then the series title in brackets. Number the books so you can keep track of how many books you read.

When you get to 100 books comment on my page and I will post about you, and the books you read.

Have fun recording your reads…



Pop-Up Cards

Today. I felt crafty…

I decided to do some craft with my brothers (lets call them the  3 Ninjas from now on)…

We found a link on Pinterest (i am almost addicted to Pinterest) to Oops, I Craft My Pants   video tutorial on how to make  (really cute) Pop-up Cards .

We decided to give it a go…

Here is my attempt at a jungle scene:


I made it for a birthday card (for one of my cousins).

If you want to give it a try, go around to oops I craft my pants and Kira has a tutorial on how to make it pop up.

Love Sparkle


This Is Me…

A thirteen year old girl from Australia, who wants to share with the world (or just her friends) things that interest her and her feelings through her blog, Thirteenth Sparkle.

I enjoy Artsy, Crafty and DIYy kinds of things, I am very creative and would like to explore  writing through blogging.

I also have an interest in photography, but right now I want to stay  anonymous to be safe. So I am going to call myself  Sparkle.

I am also going to use this blog to discover who I am.

So now you know a little it about the person behind the name Sparkle…