Yay! Thirteenth Sparkle Is a Winner!

HiĀ  Everyone ! Guess What???


I was so excited to find out that Thirteenth Sparkle was nominated by Sameena from Sameena’s Blog to get this lovely Reader Appreciation award!!

I had a quick look at Sameena’s Blog and loved all her creativity! Gee, I wish I was lucky enough to go to Disney Land!!

The rules of this award are:

Identify and show appreciation of the blogger who awarded you.
You must add the award logo to your blog.
Tell your readers 7 things about yourself.
You must nominate 2-10 of your favorite bloggers for this award.
Inform your nominees that you nominated them.

7 things about me:

1. I am 13 years old.
2. I sometimes forget to have breakfast when I am busy on the computer!
3. I have a big sticker collection!
4. I love chocolate and Honey soy chicken chips
5. I am a Dance Academy follower
6. I do not like Ham, Pork, Bacon or anything else that comes from pigs
7. I love reading and writing

My favourite bloggers that I am going to nominate for this award are:

Grace from http://readwithgrace.wordpress.com/

Jess from http://presswithjess.wordpress.com/

Thanks Again Sameena!!

From Sparkle