Books, Books and more Books…

I Love Books.

Okay, mabye that was an understatement.

I am addicted to books!

Ever since  I was little I read books, usually long novels about medieval adventures or non-fiction books about craft and art…

In fact, I used to read books before school and not be ready in time because us was still in bed reading about Alana the lady  Knight or Ruby Redford.

So I have decided to record what books i read and maybe review one or two for my readers.. lol

I am going to make a challenge (for anyone who wants to join me) you have to create a page on your blog and update it whenever you read a book. (have a look at my Page if you are not sure what I mean )

If the book is part of a series, write the title then the series title in brackets. Number the books so you can keep track of how many books you read.

When you get to 100 books comment on my page and I will post about you, and the books you read.

Have fun recording your reads…