Duct Tape Creations

Just recently I got a roll of rainbow duct tape, and decided to see what I could make out of it.

Here are some of my creations;

Bow and Flower

{A flower and bow}


{my mini tophat}

More creations to come!!…

From Sparkle



Pop-Up Cards

Today. I felt crafty…

I decided to do some craft with my brothers (lets call them the  3 Ninjas from now on)…

We found a link on Pinterest (i am almost addicted to Pinterest) to Oops, I Craft My Pants   video tutorial on how to make  (really cute) Pop-up Cards .

We decided to give it a go…

Here is my attempt at a jungle scene:


I made it for a birthday card (for one of my cousins).

If you want to give it a try, go around to oops I craft my pants and Kira has a tutorial on how to make it pop up.

Love Sparkle